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Andrej Isoski, Commercial Director Middle East, HL Display (HL)

How has shopper behavior been impacted by the pandemic? COVID-19 has changed lives rapidly across the globe, also here in Middle East and, with it, the way we shop groceries. Many consumers have seen their personal finances being impacted negatively since the crisis hit. While lower disposable income and overall economic insecurity has led many […]

Khansa Ibraheem Al Blouki, Director- Environmental Information, Science & Outreach Management, The Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD)

The EAD – an organization that unites public and private sectors, as well as individuals towards environmental protection Q: What are the biggest challenges that the EAD has identified and is facing with regards to the positive impacts on the environment and the society on all 3 levels – public, private, and individuals? Changing behavior […]

Jean Michel Bolly, General Manager, Dubai Holding Group

When the stakeholders’ engagement and recognition are embedded in sustainable strategy Q: Dubai Holding Group (DHG) works closely with suppliers in adopting and bringing the best practices and values in the region and it is the is leading ambassador for international retailers in the Gulf. Could you give me some examples of the practices that […]

Sustainability Trends 2020

Controlled and regulated economies towards Net Positive results The world confronts an urgent carbon problem, that has been changing its climate. The temperature of the planet has already risen by 1 degree centigrade. If we don’t curb emissions and temperatures continue to climb, the results will be catastrophic. The world must take urgent action to […]