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Enabling sustainability: How to introduce circular economy models in businesses?

In collaboration with WWF Emirates Nature, Jelena Lefavrais spoke about creating circular economy models in businesses. The session was also featuring “Green Footprint” – a crowd-sourcing platform for promoting sustainable practices, funded by the UAE Government Sustainable business models are a popular topic of discourse these days. But how can such models be brought to […]

How will ESG drive opportunities for real estate and construction industry? How can the sector decarbonize?

Impact Analysis Nearly 39% of global energy-related carbon emissions are attributed to buildings. Approximately 70% of these emissions are produced by building operations, while the remaining 30% comes from construction. Building are everywhere, touching every segment of over lives: households, offices, education, health institutions, retail, etc. Global and national climate goals demand sharp emissions reductions in […]

Organizational transformation and profitability

We can support you to: Improve operational efficiency by optimizing resources, improving processes, building capacities Incorporate changes in governance processes, conduct supply chain and value chain analysis. Staff training: We can support you in implementing the changes across your organizational structure. We provide training to your employees related to sustainability and resource optimization. By phone […]

Sustainability strategy and ESG

It is essential that an organization takes initiative to identify, measure, and improve their economic, environmental, and social impacts, both- locally and globally. By building transparency and taking responsibilities towards own actions and impacts, a wide scope of opportunities and developments opens up. Incorporate Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in your short, mid-term and […]

Cybersecurity and ESG

It’s going to be interesting to see how ESG and digital innovation trends grow hand-in-hand in the future, as ESG heavily relies on data. Technology is an enabler for efficiency, but we should not disregard digital pollution representing 4% of the global CO2 emission, knowing that block-chain, IoT, AI solutions are expanding rapidly. Finally, will […]


In 2020, SustainabilityTrends worked on a project with the UAE government that was a part of the Towards Next 50 Year Challenge, initiative in order to reduce waste in the UAE and support circular and green economy. GreenFootprint.ae is an online and innovative crowd-sourcing platform for recognizing, supporting, and growing sustainable practices, with goals to […]

Regenerative farming in action

By Suvi Reinikkala – Spirits Marketing Director, Altia Altia cares about suitability and it published its first GRI Sustainability report which shows determination to incorporate sustainability in your corporate strategy. Let’s be real, offsetting carbon footprint through planting forests and other means is important but it’s a band aid solution. What we are after is […]

Building Circular Economy

Interview with Dr Sassan Dieter Khatib-Shahidi, CEO, German Imaging Technologies (GIT) Sustainability Trends identifies and works with individuals and organisations on building and promoting circular models. Since 2020, we engaged with over 20 local organisations to analyse and study circular cases, including the consumers’ responsiveness, return on investments and profitability side. As the outcomes, we […]